When Ben Hancock decided to sell his self-renovated property to move to a home more suited to his family’s needs, he turned to Ben Siggins to assist with his sale. Here, Mr Hancock offers a very honest review of his home selling process through the agency.

Had you heard of Ben Siggins prior to you selling your home? You seem to see the purple ‘for sale’ signs everywhere now and the name tends to stick in your mind as their branding is by far better than any other agent. Sounds daft, but if you are the sort of person that buys something for the way it looks, like an iPad or an Alfa Romeo, you tend to be drawn to a company that makes similar efforts; it suggests a sign of quality. Also, the photography is by far the best when on Rightmove. It makes a big difference as I’ve seen some nice houses done no favours at all by bad, dull photography.

Did you visit any other local estate agents when commencing your home sale? You do tend to get a feel for a company when you visit their shop to ask to be put on a mailing list for properties. From this, and the fact that through terrible past experience, I would never deal with a certain two national agencies again that happen to be almost next to each other in King Street, I already had a list of ‘definitely nots’. What attracted you to visiting your local Ben Siggins branch? I have to admit, I think I must have subconsciously made up my mind on the branding, photography and the ‘definitely nots’ list. The Owner, Ben Siggins, came to my house to value it and came across very helpful and genuine so I didn’t look any further. I got the impression that being a smaller company than the nationals, he still genuinely cares what happens and wants to give a more personal service.

Who was your point of contact at Ben Siggins when selling your house? Beth was dealing with the sale of our house. I do tend to struggle when something is out on my control so it was good that Beth was staying in contact and giving good feedback. It gave me the confidence that everything was being done that could be. Was the process plain sailing? The process was far from plain sailing, unfortunately – but not on Ben Siggins’ side. We lost the first two houses we tried to buy. The first was because the well-known estate agency did not play by the rules and worked in the interests of themselves instead of their client. My Google review for them was headed, “Greedy, dishonest, law-breaking shysters! Never again”. I say no more. The second unfortunately fell through because the vendors had to pull the property off the market at the last minute. We then almost pulled out of the purchase of the third property as the manager for the agency branch had told the most awful, blatant lie that was only discovered by our surveyor quizzing the vendor. Naughty naughty! I am glad we chose who we chose.

How do you feel that the level of service you received from the team differs from other estate agents?

I have dealt with many estate agents over the years and the difference appears to be a caring, personal touch from a company that hasn’t outgrown itself and forgotten what is important.

Personally, how do you feel that visiting an agent in person is beneficial to a potential seller?

Very important. Get a feel for who you are dealing with by going in and signing up to mailing lists. If they don’t even come back to you when you send an email enquiry, they probably aren’t worth being on the shortlist to visit. There will be far more taxing and important things for them to mess up if you entrust them with the sale of your home.

Did your agent go above and beyond at any point? If so, can you provide us with details?

When we lost the properties we were trying to purchase, I was going to drop ‘are you looking to sell’ flyers through doors in our chosen area. Ben Siggins offered to do this for me – maybe it was the sad puppy eyes!

Overall, how satisfied are you with your experience from Ben Siggins?

As if you need to ask! Very impressed and they will certainly be selling my next place.

How likely are you to recommend Ben Siggins Estate Agents to a friend or colleague and why?

I already have been, which says a lot. I’m always wary of recommending someone to a friend so I have to be totally sure of what I am saying.

I have dealt with many estate agents over the years and the difference at Ben Siggins appears to be a caring, personal touch

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