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The government has implemented measures to protect both social and private tenants in England and Wales from eviction until the end of March 2021.

If you are a landlord, non-payment of rent is always a risk – even if you have years of experience, are rigorous about tenant checks and references, or employ a trusted letting agent to do it all on your behalf.

There are also many reasons why your tenant may not pay their rent – and few are deliberate or malicious.
Your tenant may have lost their job, be going through a relationship break up, or suffering with their mental health.

But as their landlord, the question still stands; if you are affected by non-payment of rent, could you comfortably afford to pay your mortgage and other costs related to the property? What about the legal fees if you were forced to issue court proceedings against your tenant?

This is where rent guarantee insurance comes in. The policy we offer is one of the most competitive priced on the market and provides top of the range cover, including loss of rent due to COVID related incidents.

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